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Mayor Sheila Dixon… Guilty! December 2, 2009

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Mayor Sheila Dixon was convicted on 1 count of  embezzlement (misdemeanor) missapropriation of charitable funds yesterday.  The sentence for such a conviction can range from  unsupervised probation to 5 years in prison.  No official sentencing date has been set.  She still has a perjury case that is set for spring 2010.  It is still unclear whether or not she is going to step down as Mayor.   Her legal team of course is going to appeal the decision made by the jury in order to try an overturn the conviction.  Her only other option would be Probation before Judgement, that would also overturn the conviction.  But in all honesty it doesn’t look good especially with the upcoming perjury trial.  

okay now that the basic info is out of the way… lets get to the heart of this terrible, yet entertaining situation.  i am going to give my take on it also! oh and i dont hold back so get ready!!!

The Mayor a West Baltimore Resident is no stranger to the criminal activity that takes place in this wonderful city of ours.  With her brother and sister-in law dying of aids attributed to drug use.  It has been a long  journey for the currnet Mayor Dixon, going to school to be a lawyer.  She has done some good things for our City.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe she is a good person in someways.   I don’t beleive she is stupid as her Defense Team made her out to be.  She knows what goes on here and also how to get around things. C’mon she’s a politician!  I have been a resident of Baltimore City my entire life and you can’t miss it.   It doesn’t matter who you are in this city you see it everywhere.  There has always been the Dope fiend move, The Crackhead Hookup,  The Hustle!   Its been that way for years.  With that being said… How Fucking Stupid Can You Be to tell someone to give you some Gift Cards in donimations of  $10,$20,$25… on more than one occasion and you use them personally!  But you always have them sent in unmarked envelopes! Okay, you said they were gifts and you used them.  If that is the case why not just have your boyfriend buy what you wanted(?) or buy a larger donimation gift card (you know they can do that).  That shit is trifling!  that is what we people in the streets call a dope fiend move!  You think you got the upperhand when actually you Fucking up!!  Where she made her mistake admitting she used the cards.  Thats where public preception changed and oh i’m sorry i forgot the One Trash Day really messed her up.  I’ll admit that the streets (driving wise) are getting better.  

What now?  The States Attorney is going to pressure her to step down as Mayor with the upcoming trial at hand.  But everyone in our City knows how stubborn this woman can be.  All we really can do is wait it out and let the legal process run its course.  I wish her well but she has not done any real good for our City.  This conviction only makes things worse.


The Dumbest Sh*t ever…. October 22, 2007

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what up peeps, this next little tidbit has got to be the dumbest shit ever!!!!

i’m a black man that is all about the black entrepreneur, or just being an entrepreneur period white,black,red, yellow it doesn’t matter… get money!!!!

but this here is ridiculous